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Main production program of Galenika-Magmasil is the production of solid and liquid silicate of sodium and potassium (alkaline silicates). Solid sodium and potassium silicates are produced in tank furnace by reaction of quartz sand and sodium carbonate (soda ash) or potassium carbonate (potash) in the form of transparent blue glass pieces of irregular shape. The product on the market is known as “solid water glass”.

Dissolution of solid water glass in water at high temperature and pressure gives solutions of sodium or potassium silicate with different characteristics - known on the market as "Water glass" 
Different way to produce waterglass, which also exists in glass in Galenika-Magmasil is dissolution of quartz sand in a solution of sodium hydroxide - hydrothermal process.

Water glass has a very widespread use in various branches of industry: detergent industry, industrial cleaning, foundry, construction, chemical industry, etc.

Production program Galenika-Magmasil ad includes two main product groups:

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